What's New?

GENERATION FOUR Advanced Digital Ignition System for Small and Medium-Sized Industrial Engines

  • Universal, moderately-priced ignition system designed for 1-16 cylinder engines
  • Ideal for both natural gas (CH4 - Methane) and biogas-fueled applications
  • Incorporates state-of-the-art spark energy control for lean-burn and other difficult to ignite air/fuel mixtures
    • Current vs. time energy control
    • Spark current selectable from 50-200mA and durations up to 1000µS
    • Standard, CD-style spark profiles also available
  • Comprehensive system diagnostics for simple troubleshooting
  • Easily configured for the application utilizing a Windows©-based Terminal Program
  • Supports Modbus RTU serial communications
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure for high reliability
  • Accepts magnetic, Hall-Effect, and powered-inductive-style pickups for ease of retrofit with existing Altronic or third-party ignition systems