What's New?

Next-Generation Safety Shutdown and Control System

  • State-of-the-art control system specifically designed to protect, monitor and control critical rotating machinery, such as engine or motor-driven compressors, pumps and generators operating in harsh/hazardous areas
  • Highly scalable and expandable system allowing for use across a range of low, medium, and high-spec applications
  • Built from the ground-up around modern Ethernet communications, it is well suited to operate in a connected environment
  • Integrated WiFi radio and external Ethernet ports allow for ease of operation and service with innovative features such an integrated, web-based and platform-independent configuration tool
  • Integral auto-start functionality for unmanned or highly-cyclic applications
  • All system inputs can be individually configured for:
    — Sensor Type: Analog transducer input, thermocouple
    input (type J or K) or digital (switch) input
    — Sensor Class: Class A, B or C logic
    — Digital Input Sensor Run/Fault Status:
    Normally-open or Normally-closed
  • Automatically and continuously optimizes compressor efficiency and throughput via speed and capacity control
  • Built-in linear speed control allows for linear suction pressure vs engine speed control
  • On-board cool down timer allows for proper engine unloading during scheduled shutdown
  • Integral auto-start functionality for unmanned or highly-cyclic applications
  • Integrated lube proximity switch inputs allow easy configuration for dedicated lube monitoring
  • Dedicated timer outputs with delay functionality for battery saving or like operations
  • Alternative control strategy for simplified and reliable interface to popular OEM-provided engine controls
  • Highly extendable via Lua scripting engine to allow for easy implementation of custom algorithms and logic.