What's New?

Configurable Safety Shutdown and Control
System with Integrated 10" MIDAS HMI

  • State-of-the-art control system specifically designed to protect, monitor and control critical rotating machinery, such as engine or motor-driven compressors, pumps and generators operating in harsh/hazardous areas
  • Completely scalable and expandable system allowing for use across a range of low, medium, and high-spec applications
  • Automatically and continuously optimizes compressor efficiency and throughput via speed and capacity control
  • Low/high, safety/control setpoints and PID control loops configured through the MIDAS HMI
  • Raw values from DE-3000+ viewable on the MIDAS HMI allows for easier troubleshooting and tech support
  • Communication to SCADA and other local/remote networks via MIDAS HMI
  • IP configuration screen allows for user to modify IP address directly from the MIDAS HMI